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Paul’s Blog

“Locally sourced food combined with seasonality has always been my ethos and philosophy. I have been working with my butcher John Penny, and now his son Tim, since 1992. All his beef is from Lancashire farms.

In particular, the Hereford crossed livestock he keeps are amongst the best in the world. This breed is generally well fatted therefore producing softer, more flavoursome and sweeter meat.
Sometimes the level of fat can be quite excessive. This is where we ask The Penny family to trim to make it more acceptable to you – our consumer. ”

“It’s one of the reasons why the Hereford breed declined in popularity until the last 5 years, but thankfully knowledgeable consumers now understand that if you want a premium piece of meat with flavour, fat as well as hanging is is the best way of achieving this.”

“The next time you buy a steak, always check for marbling. Imagine these as pockets of flavour that explode during cooking, rendering down into the most delicious flavours and juices. Deglaze your pan afterwards with a splash of brandy, a few mushrooms, the juices of the resting steaks and a little cream for a simple yet delicious sauce.”


Paul’s Perfect Steak Tip:

  • When preparing steak, allow it to air dry first. This removes the excess moisture allowing for fantastic sear on your meat.
  • Season with sea salt & black pepper and then brush with olive oil on one side.
  • Using no more oil, sear the brushed side in a smoking hot pan, flipping it at the last moment”

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